Highest Resolution Electrical Measurements

Doped Semiconductors


14nm node logic FinFET

sMIM dC/dV Amplitude of a 14nm node logic FinFET. Image courtesy of Chipworks Corporate.

Front-side Illuminated Global-shutter CMOS Sensor from a Common Cell Phone

Planar view of a 2.5um pixel CMOS image sensor deprocessed to bare silicon. The sMIM-C image shows both the doped n-type and p-type regions as well as the highly doped STI and poly-gate regions. Image courtesy of Chipworks Corporate.

Cross-section a CMOS Image Sensor Pixel Structure

The cross-sectional sMIM-R image of a CNT's OV2D7AG pixel structure using Bruker ICON AFM Peak Force Tapping mode. The N-type photocathode of the pixels is clearly shown as the yellow feature. A thin P-pinning layer lies between the photocathode and the overlying dielectric material. Image courtesy of Chipworks Corporate and PrimeNano Inc.

Cross-section Polished IGBT Power Device (Imaged in Peak Force Tapping Mode)

sMIM-C with corresponding height image of an IGBT power device cross-section polished imaged using Bruker ICON AFM Peak Force Tapping mode. Image courtesy of Bruker Nano Inc.

Stored Charge in a Backside Polished FPGA

sMIM image of a backside polished FPGA FLASH memory array. The red regions show where the FLASH cells have stored charge.

Cross-section CMOS Sensor

Image of a cross-section CMOS sensor using Bruker’s ICON AFM to image simultaneous Height image, sMIM-C and corresponding dC/dV amplitude and phase data highlighting the doping regions and relative concentration. Image courtesy of Bruker Nano Inc.

Backside Polished FPGA – Imaging Stored Charge on a Flash RAM Array

sMIM-R data revealing stored charge in a FLASH memory array imaged from the backside after polishing the Si to an approximate 100nm thickness. The data were acquired using an Oxford Instruments Asylum Research Cypher AFM in non-contact mode utilizing a 2nd internal lock-in amplifier synced to the same frequency as the mechanical resonance of the cantilever. The result is a dC/dZ image sensitive to the presence of strored charge in a single cell. The red color cells show where the charge is present.

Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)

Image is the sMIM dC/dV Amplitude signal of a vertical Insulated gate bipolar transitor (IGBT). The sampe was imaged using a 1V AC bias applied between tip and sample. The dC/dV amplitude is sensitive to the doping concentration of the cross-sectioned devices. The image shown has a very high level of detail for the emmiter, gate metals, and even at the high doped region of the gate region with oxide interface.

Buried Grating under 100nm Si from a Back-side Polished Logic Device

Image of sMIM-C channel showing a buried grating structure under 100nm of silicon wafer left after backside polishing the die of logic devices. The grating structure has a fine pitch of 250nm spacing. The sMIM-C image shows defects and other details that confirm a resolution less than 100nm, even though the image was acquired through the 100nm thickness of the Si over-layer.

Cross-section Polished IGBT Power Device (Imaged in PFT Mode)

sMIM-C image of an IGBT power device cross-section polished imaged using PFT mode. Image courtesy of Bruker Nano Inc.

Cross-section View of a 1.1μm Pixel CMOS Image Sensor

This is a cross-section view of a 1.1um pixel Samsun CMOS image sensor. The image is a high contrast sMIM-C Image That clearly differentiates the n-and p-type carrier regions and individual pixel transitions. Of particular interest is the uniformity of the doping region in the blue photo cathode region. Image courtesy of Chipworks Corporate.

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