Highest Resolution Electrical Measurements

Nano C-V Curve


Bevel Polished Image Sensor C-V Curves

CMOS image sensor prepared as a bevel polish and imaged at a single photocathode location exposing the doped regions. Site-specific capacitance - voltage curves taken at locations 1 and 2 showing classic n-type and p-type response.

Citation: ISTFA 2015 conference

Specific-site sMIM nano C-V Analysis

Site specific locations where sMIM measures locations nearby the breakdown site and compare with good locations that are away from the breakdown site. The nano C-V curve near a breakdown location clearly shows abnormal capacitance drop above 0.8V when compared to the C-V curve of the good site (away from the breakdown site). The good NMOS C-V shows larger capacitance at accumulation region than the nearby breakdown site NMOS which may have similar symptoms and correlations to the breakdown site. The C-V hysteresis behavior was found on the devices near the breakdown location.

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