Highest Resolution Electrical Measurements

Quantitative Measurements


IMEC p-Type Doped Staircase

Image is sMIM-C data from a p-type IMEC stair case with doping concentration from 1015 to 1021 atoms/cm3. The image shows the monotonic sMIM-C response to the different doping concentrations of the steps. Image courtesy of A. Tselev, Oakridge National Labs.

Capacitance Calibration Standard

Image is a 3D overlay of sMIM-C color scale on the topography image. The sMIM signal is linearly proportional to the capacitance of the 16 different capacitor featues. The standard was developed by NIST and is produced and sold by MC2 Technologies.

Quantitative sMIM Response of Bulk Dielectric Materials

Numerically modeled admittance vs dielectric value (in red) with the experimentally measured sMIM vs dielectric value (in blue) from a group of bulk crystal dielectric samples.

Quantitative Measurement of Doped Cross-section Reference Sample

a) A processed sMIM-C image of an n-type IMEC staircase. b) The average profile with “calibration samples” highlighted in green.   c) Plot of the sMIM-C calibration values vs. the published values of log doping. The linear fit is a calibration that can be applied to subsequent unknown doped samples.

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