Highest Resolution Electrical Measurements

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ScanWave™ images electrical properties in nano-scale

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Dr. Scrymgoer’s recent research shows the benefits of sMIM to measure subsurface STM lithography features under 10’s nm polySi

PrimeNano’s Conference schedule

PrimeNano will be busy going to 8 events through the rest of the year

PrimeNano Latest Publication

PrimeNano, in collaboration with Techinsights, published a new journal article as part of the ESREF conference

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In a recent publication, Dr. David Scrymgeour and colleagues published results of Determining the Resolution of Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy using Atomic-precision Buried Donor Structures. Click to read more about this exciting new research in the SMIM arena.

PrimeNano's Conference Schedule

Through the rest of 2017, PrimeNano will be traveling to 8 different conferences around the world. Click here to see our updated list of events and make your appointment to meet with us.

PrimeNano Latest Publication

Read about our latest work in quantification of doping concentration on practical devices as part of our ESREF submission.
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Eduard Weichselbaumer Now Member of the Board 

PrimeNano is pleased to announce the addition of industry veteran and CEO of PrimeNano Inc., Eduard R. Weichselbaumer to its board of directors effective July 11, 2017.

PrimeNano is Still Hiring! 

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