Highest Resolution Electrical Measurements


Buried SiO2 Structures under Si3N4 Film

PrimeNano fabricated a test sample to illustrate sensitivity to local permittivity even when buried beneath the sample surface. The sample contains patterned SiO2 structures under a Si3N4 film. The nitride surface was polished to eliminate any residual topographic features.

Buried Stored Charge in SRAM Flash Memory

Sensitivity validation of sMIM on imaging stored charge in a backside polished FLASH RAM array. The FLASH array of commercially available FPGA device was programmed with a systematic pattern of 1’s and 0’s. The sample was then depackaged and polished from the backside with a shallow bevel. sMIM is shown to image the stored charge with high degree of contrast through a 100nm thick residual Si layer.

Characterization of Front Side Polish SRAM

SRAM sample used as a reference to confirm basic capability to image a doped sample and differentiate the carrier types and doping levels on the device. sMIM measurements show a Junction gap 30nm is well resolved.

Two Phases in In2Se3 Nano-ribbon

Determining the presence and distribution of resistivity variation in an In2Se3 nano-ribbon, explaining unexpected variations in transport measurements. sMIM images show 2 phases of the In2Se3 nano ribbon associated with two different conductivities. ScanWave™ provides electrical characterization of nano-ribbon material without special sample preparation and in ambient conditions.

Spontaneous Domain Walls in Ferroelectric crystals

ScanWave™ supports simultaneous imaging of the nano-mechanical properties of the ceramic materials and the sMIM electrical properties, including features such as domain wall conductivity that are not detected with other electrical methods.

Conductivity Studies on Graphene

Examples of sMIM images on graphene identifying domains and regions of varying conductivity. sMIM reduces the technical difficulties of preparing often small flakes or films on non-conducting substrates for electrical measurement by eliminating the need for a conductive path to ground.

Characterization of Compound Semiconductor SiC

Images of silicon carbide (SiC) devices using ScanWave™ integrated on an Asylum Research Cypher AFM. Results show differentiation carrier concentration and carrier type in the dC/dV Amplitude and Phase images respectively. The high-resolution results reveal junction gaps as small as 20nm.

Characterization of Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)

Investigation of the electrical parameters of an Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT). sMIM images of IGBT devices reveal a high level of device detail across all material classes: metals, doped regions, and insulator materials. Simultaneous acquisition of the dC/dV signal provides dopant concentration variation and carrier type. ScanWave™ has higher measurement sensitivity than other electrical characterization methods typically used for investigation of semiconductor devices.

ScanWaveTM Sensitivity on a NIST Capacitive Reference Standard

In a recent study, ScanWave demonstrated a dramatic improvement in the capacitance sensitivity compared with the measurement results of other commercially available systems. The study showed an almost 10x improvement in signal-to-noise (SNR) over the published results using a NIST traceable capacitance reference sample. This commercially available standard is manufactured by MC2 Technologies. Read more about the advantages sMIM and ScanWave offer with our optimized RF electronics and shielded probes.

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