Highest Resolution Electrical Measurements


Dr. Zhi-xun Shen, Ph. D. (Inventor, Co-founder and Member of the Board)

PrimeNano’s core technology of Microwave Impedance Microscopy emerged from original research over a 10 year period in the Shen Lab at Stanford University, of which Dr. Shen is currently a Professor of Physics and Applied Physics. Dr. Shen enjoys the process of mentoring and incubating people, ideas, technology and organization in the R&D ecosystem. He has trained a good number of students and postdocs, with 30 joining faculty of research universities and about 30 in R&D organizations and technology industry. His fundamental research has been recognized by important awards such as the Buckley Prize of American Physical society and the Lawrence Award of the Department of Energy, and has led to numerous inventions and patents. He has also built and led first rate research organizations at Stanford University.

Eduard Weichselbaumer (CEO and Member of the Board)

Eduard Weichselbaumer is a senior executive with more than 20 years of experience building and managing companies all around the globe, from small startups to Nasdaq listed companies. He combines a background in BA and EE having led the operational, engineering, as well as sales and marketing efforts of many organizations. Before joining PrimeNano, he had taken leadership roles in companies like LSI Logic, Synopsys Semiconductor IP business, Artisan Components (Nasdaq: ARTI), Virage Logic (Nasdaq: VIRL), SOISIC and CEITEC SA. He was also the founding CEO of a startup semiconductor company which owns a 6” wafer fabrication plant and more than 100 chip designers.

Dr. Stuart Friedman, Ph.D. (Member of the Board)

Dr. Friedman is an entrepreneur with deep experience transitioning cutting edge technologies into advanced commercial products in areas such as semiconductor inspection & metrology, medical devices and biotech instrumentation. Before co-founding PrimeNano he founded and led an R&D and systems engineering consulting firm in Silicon Valley helping startups to fortune 500 clients transition complex systems to commercial reality. Prior to that he held R&D, systems architecture and technical leadership roles at Gatan, Inc., Etec Systems, KLA-Tencor, MDS Sciex and Signature Bioscience. He holds a PhD in applied physics from Stanford University, an MPhil in physics from Cambridge University and a BSE in engineering physics from Cornell University.

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