Highest Resolution Electrical Measurements


Determining the Resolution of SMIM Using Donor Structures

In the following Applied Surface Science paper lead co-lead by Dr David Scrymgeour and Dr. Shashank Misra, the lateral resolution limits of sMIM are probed by examining nanostructures in silicon created through phosphorous doping using hydrogen resist lithography.  This paper opens up the application of sMIM to studying quantum material

High-resolution Dielectric Characterization Of Minerals

In this International Journal of Mineral Processing paper, co-led by Dr Tamara Monti and Dr Alexander Tselev from ORNL’s Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, an original approach for measuring the microwave conductivity of mineral phases in rocks, in situ and at microscale is introduced.

Microwave AC Conductivity Of Domain Walls In Ferroelectric Thin Films

In this just appeared paper in Nature Communications co-led by Dr. Alexander Tselev and Dr. Petro Maksymovych from ORNL’s Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, it is shown that employing high-frequency ac conduction can open up new technological opportunities for oxide electronics as well as in harnessing electronic properties of materials with a poor dc conduction, especially at the nanoscale.

SMIM Sheds New Light On What’s Inside Technology

In this recently published article at Chipworks.com, how sMIM is allowing a better look into the electrical characteristics of latest technologies is examined. Specifically, the imaging of the pixels of the OmniVision OV2D7AG, a CMOS image sensor, is discussed.

Enclosed Objects and Processes in Liquids

In this freshly released ACS Nano paper co-led by Dr. Alexander Tselev from ORNL’s Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences and Dr. Andrei Kolmakov from NIST’s Center for Nano Science and Technology, a new paradigm for in situ in-liquid imaging at the micro- and nano-scale is introduced. The implementation harnesses the longer range sensitivity of near-field microwaves.

Next Generation Ferroelectric Memory Of Buried Ge In An FeFET Structure

This December 2014 journal article discussed how sMIM was used to provide key evidence for the change in conductivity of the germanium substrate induced by the polarization state of an adjacent ferroelectric layer. The results in this paper are an important step towards ferroelectric memory technology.

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